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I’ve seen numerous fiberglass subwoofer overviews that show how to make a personalized fiberglass below box. None of these guides have actually really discussed just how exactly to do it. Either they do not have adequate images or do not describe it correctly. In this overview I am mosting likely to give you the In’s and Out’s of Making a custom fiberglass subwoofer box. I have made a decision to make a below box for my Honda Start. I am mosting likely to be mounting a JL Audio W3V3 with a 500 watt Alpine Amplifier.

Personalized Fiberglass Subwoofer Box:


1 Gallon of Fiberglass Material (find at Automobile Area, Advanced Vehicle Components, Etc).

Low-cost Paint Brushes (probably regarding 10; you will certainly get rid of after each usage).

Rubber Gloves for fiberglassing.

Fiberglass floor covering (about 6-8 plans relying on the size of your box).

MDF Timber 1/2?

2 Dowel Rods.

2 Rolls of Masking Tape.

Light weight aluminum Foil.

Cheap Mixing Mugs.

1-2 sq lawns of fleece (hobby entrance hall).

Fiberglass Sub Box:.

Ok, time to begin making a fiberglass below box! The first step to making the box is drawing out some intend on what you desire and also exactly how to you intend to do it. When fiberglassing, you can not really repair your mistakes since when fiberglass material is dry, its DRY.

We wished to make a basic box that would conserve room, and also look oem to the prelude. We started by laying covering up tape down so no fiberglass material gets on the rug, since if it does, its messed up. Additionally, ensure to tape added room after that your in fact mosting likely to utilize just to be risk-free.

We did concerning 2-3 layers of tape and afterwards additionally added some light weight aluminum foil as a layer, as to not get any kind of glass on the carpeting. When you assume that you have enough tape and also there is no feasible way that anymore fiberglass can get across the rug; do another layer.

The next action after you have actually touched every little thing is to start fiberglassing. Before you mix your fiberglass with your hardener, you need to cut strips out of your fiberglass floor covering. I usually make strips concerning 7-9 inches wide. When you prepare, what you need to do is blend your fiberglass with your hardener in the blending cup. The hardener will certainly have how much fiberglass material to hardener mix to make. See to it you prepare before you begin fiberglassing due to the fact that it dries out somewhat fast. Repaint a layer of fiberglass resin onto the tape with no floor covering. After you have actually repainted a layer placed fiberglass mat down and paint another layer over fiberglass after that. Wait regarding 10 mins and afterwards do one more layer before it dries completely.

Now, wait at the very least an hour and also allow the fiberglass resin entirely dry. When its dry, you can take the mold out as well as tear off all the tape and also aluminum foil. Place it back in your trunk as well as draw out where you wish to cut off. Make certain you go slowly and don’t take all of it off simultaneously.

Now you need to cut out a MDF ring for your subwoofer to screw right into. Some choose to make a flush ring with a router yet I such as the one ring method much better. I am utilizing a 10 inch jl sound w3 so I removed a 10 inch ring and also made use of the specs from the box to make a ring the right size.

After that we took out our freshly trimmed fiberglass box and placed an additional layer of fiberglass mat on it. Usually you want to do concerning 5-6 layers of fiberglass. Some say you ought to have the ability to base on your box without it damaging. Another excellent fiberglassing pointer is to remove as many air bubbles as feasible. This will certainly make the mold and mildew a whole lot more powerful because there’s no air pockets. You do this by jabbing the fiberglass rather than actually attempting to repaint it.

Ok, enough messing around; back to fiberglassing! Next we put on a last layer of fiberglass floor covering and resin. After this has actually totally dried out (concerning 3 hrs) we began sanding and also reducing to get the shape we wanted with our personalized fiberglass sub box.

As soon as your back mold and mildew looks good to you its time to establish your MDF ring up how to desire your sub to be. Hold 原理原則のコンテンツseo your call where you believe you would certainly like it. Cut some dowel rods to size and place your ring just how you want it. We utilized superglue and also epoxy to maintain the dowel poles as well as the MDF ring in location. Its essential that your ring is really solid and also durable because we are going to extend fleece over it.

Make sure that when your ring is in area every angle looks good as well as also to you. When you extend the fiberglass and also begin repainting resin on it, there’s no reversing.

Currently is the enjoyable component. This is where your fiberglass speaker box begins to come with each other. Get your fleece and stretch it over your mold and mildew you have actually made. Make sure to stretch it as tight as feasible so there are no folds up or loose components. The fleece needs to be touching every edge of the rear of the fiberglass mold.

Utilize a staple weapon to secure the fleece to the subwoofer fiberglass mold. Staple the staples in the side of the fiberglass box so you don’t fiberglass over them and also have them be stuck forever.

When you think its done look it over once again from all side and also see to it looks how you desire it to look because when the fiberglass resin is on, its that shape for life.

When whatever looks good to go, its time to start glassing. Mix an excellent amount of fiberglass (about 12 oz) as well as repaint the fiberglass over the fleece. Repaint it on thick, as well as see to it to go all the way to the edge so you mold both items (front as well as back) with each other. There’s no requirement to paint the entire ring because we are going to quit anyway. Do fiberglass the fleece to the MDF ring.

As soon as its dry (took about a hr since we used a great deal of glass) you can cut off the access fleece from the edge of the mold as well as around the ring. Currently you need to be able to pull the dowel rods out of package and the ring need to stay where it is. When you’ve trimmed off the mass unwanted of the fleece, toss package in your automobile and also see just how it looks. Looks respectable below!

Not to ruin the outer form of our fiberglass below box, we need to include the rest of our fiberglass layers to the inside of package. Include regarding 2-3 layers of fiberglass mat to the within the mold. Ensure to fiberglass in between where the two molds integrated.

Once you complete the within package go out the sander as well as the jig saw and removed all the excess crap around your fiberglass box. We are mosting likely to use rug on our box, so we do not need to sand the in fact fiberglass mold. Instead we simply sand all the edges and edges so it fits snug into the trunk of the Honda Prelude.